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About our cables:

All of the cables that we describe as handmade are not simply hand assembled. Each of them is entirely handcrafted from the very bare silver strand to its final form. We ensure that each cable is produced with the out-most accuracy following a coherent design. Despite their handmade nature, we aim that these cables meet and exceed the standards of the best factory produced cables in order to:

Generate the very specific electrical properties of their design;

Have a solid construction to ensure that these properties will be maintained throughout the life of the cable;

Have an attractive, user friendly, and but mostly durable finish.

The Silvercord, Clio, Gaia and Gaia Hybrid cables are made using some of the purest single crystal silver wire produced with the Ohno Continuous Casting process. Some of our cable designs like the Coppercord and the VariTriax Cu are built using bare OCC Copper.

We offer a variety of analogue Hi-Fi interconnect cables. These are all built in house using raw materials. This means  that we do not use off the reel bulk cables or even factory insulated  conductors and we can work on custom designs tailored precisely to the  needs of the individual project. There are no superficial charges for  bespoke and special orders. We offer the option to our customers to have the cable they need based on their specifications.

Our cables are professionally built, and each of them is based on a  coherent design, so that they can deliver a consistent, hi-end  performance under all conditions and deal with the most demanding  environments and components. Building the cables ourselves and supplying them directly to our customers allows us to offer them at very  competitive prices that represent the actual cost of materials and the  labour required for each cable to be produced. Our pricing is not there  to reflect claims about purity, "best performance" and superficial  marketing strategies.

Good quality parts and materials are essential but not adequate to guarantee a good performing cable. The design and assembly is what determines  whether these parts and materials are properly matched and used to their full potential. We constantly develop and test new designs which is  one of the advantages of being able to create one-off cables that  precisely meet the specifications and aims of each design. We aim at describing our cables as  clearly as possible providing information and photos that show exactly  how each cable is formed rather than hiding under a nice jacket. Of  course in reality, this may indicate very little about the actual  performance of a cable but it is an initial, clear indication that the  price you pay for each of the designs is fully justified by the quality of work in producing these cables.

A high end cable is not simply a bundle of wires screened with a copper  braid and covered with a PET sleeve. The cable design and its assembly should produce consistent results. Measurements should be taken and  values that can guarantee a good performance should be in place instead  of wishful thinking. A cable should be trusted the same way as any  component on your signal path.

We research and develop new designs regularly (which accounts for most of  our work). Many of such designs have no commercial scope and we do not offer them for sale simply because the cost of their production could  not be justified by the potential benefits; at least in our opinion. The designs listed in our websites have been developed through extensive testing and  we are confident that they are at least the best you can find in their  price range. Some of them are quite complex and time consuming to  produce at such high standards. Even the simplest ones incorporate such  details in their construction and make use of all the materials we consider essential in order to produce the desired results.

Our phono and line level interconnect cables are fully shielded. Although screening / shielding is not always necessary (it depends on the presence  of EMI and RFI in the user's environment) we strongly advise you to look for a well shielded cable unless you are confident that you will use it in an interference free environment. We ensure that the methods of shielding  and the quality of the shields that we use meet  the highest standards. Primary shielding is typically offered by using  dense silver plated OFC copper braids that obtain some of the highest  possible levels of optical coverage. Some of our designs involve a  combination of braided shields and/or other screening methods in order  to achieve enhanced protection in very demanding environments.

The most important aspect of a cable is its sonic performance; and largely it depends on the architecture of the cable and how well it matches the interconnected components. We do however, care a lot about  our cables being user friendly, durable and having a professional  finish. The outer braids, sleeves and finishing details on our cables  are not a fancy dress to cover a cheap construction but the final touch to an exceptional design. Despite the use of solid silver and extensive  shielding, they are flexible yet very durable and have a discreet  profile.  Everything is professionally assembled and finished to offer a user friendly product that will last for a lifetime.

Yannis Tome Audio Cable Designs

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